April 9, 2015

Swiss Cottage project wins Supreme Award at APL 2015

We are thrilled to announce that our Swiss Cottage project has won both Best in Category and Supreme Award at the Association of Professional Landscapers Awards 2015. It was a privilege to work with Mark Gregory and Landform Consultants who have demonstrated why they are placed where they are within the profession.

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Judges commented:

“This is a faultless collection of gardens. You can really tell that the designer and contractor have worked together to achieve synergy and as a result have produce outstanding gardens. The quality and finish is truly outstanding.”

“It is a fabulous piece of landscaping work that allows for individuality in each space, and yet still exhibits cohesiveness between all the gardens. The restrained and simplistic use of materials really demonstrates and emphasises how each plant and material was selected with careful thought and consideration to create a beautiful environment, which also complements the quality paving and outstanding finish.”

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If you’d like some more detailed information on the Awards, click on the following link  http://www.aplawards.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/APL-Awards-Brochure-2015-WEB.pdf