Stylus, 116 Old Street

Our primary aim is to maximise the biodiversity of this green roof area in order to significantly increase the ecological impact of this project on the local environment. To this end we have introduced an intensive green roof system supporting the growth of trees and shrubs as well as perennials and grasses. Combined with the addition of a 40 m2 green wall we have nearly doubled the species richness already assigned to this project as well as having created a sanctuary for passing wildlife.

Biodiversity is increased by introducing diversity of habitat as well as species richness. Perennials are chosen largely from the RHS plants for pollinators lists, focusing on attracting bees and butterflies as well as other insects to a floral display designed to stretch from spring into late autumn. By introducing an intensive green roof we are able to lengthen the season of interest and therefore also the period of time for which this area will be of interest to passing wildlife. Shrubs and trees are specified for their berries as well as their flowers (crataegus, sorbus, sarcococca, nandina) acting directly as a food source for insects and birds.

In so far as this green roof area will be seen from the ground and from surrounding buildings it will be seen as a green environment with tethered access for maintenance operatives only.