February 2, 2020

It’s the Winner of Winners

We are proud to announce that Stylus, 116 Old Street was unveiled at the SGD Awards 2020 to great acclaim as winner not only of its public / commercial category but also as winner of the The Grand Award. The judges comment were as follows:

“A hugely creative design that has been brilliantly executed demonstrating environmental responsibilities that we should all be embracing. An interesting and unusual mix of plants and textures offers structure and all-round interest and a wonderful link to various landscapes within the building. The hard landscaping arrangement is fresh and original. Good spatial awareness throughout and a nice balance of scale. It was also a pleasure to see that such a design had been successfully maintained with relative ease in a corporate environment. A refreshing use of planting and hard landscaping for a roof garden. A really lovely scheme”

We are so thrilled and thank all those who were involved and made the project such a great success.