August 2, 2012

Granite in the garden

granite garden feature

Maurizio Vegini, an Italian landscape architect invited me to connect on LinkedIn and so I took the opportunity to have a quick look at his work. He’s nestled into the Italian mountains to the north east of Milan with a studio based in Bergamo. I immediately liked what I saw enjoying the simplified planting palates of pale pastels combined with bold swathes of Miscanthus, all married into a relatively informal mountain country style with plenty of pleaching and topiary. I envy him the climate and thought how wonderful it would be to be able to plan for that significant covering of snow in the winter months. Here’s an image of an indoor swimming pool featuring what I can only describe as a cinematic wide screen view out onto a snow laden paradise, trees, topiary and hedging weighed down by snow fall. And as if that wasn’t enough, sensationally lit at night with the surface of the swimming pool becoming a perfect mirror.